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SEIV has brought together the full range of its professions, specialties, human resources & industrial resources on a single site:

  • long-term project management;
  • expertise in specific types of machining (titanium, invar), welding and vacuum technologies;
  • feasibility studies;
  • design, dimensioning and manufacture to CODAP, RCC-M and RCC-MX standards;
  • scientific calculation (linear and non-linear statics, dynamics, earthquake, thermo-mechanics, etc.);
  • construction of complex medium and large sized high-precision mechanical assemblies, vacuum and ultra-vacuum mechanics (machining, electro-erosion, milling, welding, etc.);
  • expertise in all types of welding engineering, an IWT technologist;
  • expertise in NDT inspection: 3D, no contact, leak tests, sweating;
  • maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) for mechanical systems in large elements of scientific equipment.