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Nuclear power

The core vessel for the CABRI experimental nuclear reactor

SEIV carried out the industrialization studies and built the core vessel for the Cabri reactor as per the RCC-MX construction code.

During the industrialization phase, SEIV deployed its collective expertise in welding (IWE engineer), in NDT (COFREND 2 engineer using helium tests and X-rays), vacuum technology and cleanness.


Construction of mechanical equipment for the Thorium of AREVA for Oncology project (TAO)

The aim of the TAO project is to produce a drug (Radium 224 derived from thorium nitrate) for treating certain types of cancer that cannot be cured by radio-immunotherapy at present.

SEIV is responsible for the design, construction and on-site integration of a part of the mechanical equipment in the radio-element production shop: Dissolution tank, reactor protections, etc.


“AIDA” secured transport container

As a subcontractor for SEIV, SEIV makes secure containers for the CEA designed for transporting hazardous materials.