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Defence & Security

Design and manufacture of complex parts and sub-assemblies for large arms system contractors.

Maintenance for the Laser Integration Line (LIL)

The LIL, the prototype for the Laser MegaJoule (LMJ) is the most powerful laser in Europe in terms of energy emitted. This will remain the case until the LMJ is commissioned.

Our teams operate under the terms of a multi-annual contract for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) on opto-mechanical and vacuum equipment.


Laser MegaJoule (LMJ)

The LMJ is one of the most important tools in the CEA’s Simulation Program. The purpose of the LMJ is to create thermodynamic conditions in a laboratory environment that are similar to those encountered when a weapon functions.
SEIV is the holder of the TRANSPORT contract. The TRANSPORT contract is the interface between the amplifications sections in the 4 Laser Halls and the Experiments Hall. 176 laser beams converge in groups of 4 beams, called quadruplets, towards the centre of the sphere in the Experiments Hall, realized by making a frequency conversion and focusing the beams on a ball in deuterium tritium.

As part of this work, SEIV studies, builds and installs in situ these mechanical and opto-mechanical sub-assemblies to class ISO 5/6 cleanness requirements.